Our Big Plan

Our Big Plan is our strategy which defines our direction of travel and sets out what we need to do to be successful, both now and for the future. This sets out goals for the next three years to achieve our Ambitions.

To turn this into reality, every year our divisional teams produce business plans, which identify what they will do to contribute to the goals set out in Our Big Plan. 

Our divisional leaders engage their teams in the development of the business plans, so that each team understands what they need to do to deliver the goals, such as: changing how the service is delivered, improving processes, or implementing new quality standards. 

To make all of this a reality for you, your personal objectives should link directly to the team’s priorities which in turn should be linked to Our Big Plan. 

By creating this ‘golden thread’ from corporate goals, through divisional plans, team priorities and personal objectives, we are bringing together everyone’s efforts, so that we all work with a common purpose, to deliver excellent care with compassion, together. 

Our Big Plan is founded on the following four Ambitions:

Well, we have integrated our very own Health & Wellbeing team and centre into our organisation, who work hard to implement fantastic initiatives for physical and mental wellbeing year-round, help managers provide appropriate advice, encourage staff to take part in national health campaigns, and bring amazing activities to staff onsite to provide accessible ways of unwinding and exercising.